Friday 20 February 2015

Street Art: Roa All Over

I've been looking at a lot of street art recently.

In Berlin and Melbourne I've joined artist-led tours, and saw a fair bit of art during a food tour in London's Shoreditch.

In Los Angeles I checked out some cool murals in the old warehouse district, and have viewed numerous impressive works of the walls of Montreal.

Across all these cities, one factor stays constant: Roa.

This Belgian street artist has travelled the world, creating huge black and white paintings of animals native to the area he's visiting. Often he depicts dead animals, but not always.

I don't go looking for Roa, but he always seems to find me. Here are some of his pieces I've encountered...

1. Healesville, Australia.

2. Montreal, Canada.

3. London, UK.

4. Berlin, Germany.

5. Los Angeles, USA.

That guy gets around! Who knows where I'll see him next?

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