Wednesday 4 March 2020

All Change!

This is the final post here at Aerohaveno, the travel blog I've written since this very month back in 2008.

But don't fret! The moment has been prepared for. I'll now be writing regular travel-related posts at my own Patreon site, which you can find at

I'm feeling very enthusiastic about my new platform. I'm making a point of writing fresh new material for each Patreon post, trying always to imbue it with the energy and excitement that characterises travel.

Each week on my Patreon site, I'll be posting three types of post:
  1. Express. This will be my main post each week, dealing with a range of travel topics.
  2. Dateline. This will be a timely post about the place I'm currently in, whether that's Melbourne or overseas.
  3. Image of the Week. This will be an eye-catching photo I've taken at some point of my travels, with a mini-essay in which I comment on its significance.
So that's it! Thank you and good night from Aerohaveno, while the red carpet is rolled out for you at Tim Richards: Travel Writer. Please visit me now at, and take a look around. I hope you'll like what you see, and sign up. I look forward to seeing you there.

Tim Richards
March 2020

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