Friday 22 April 2016

A Journey Through Oman - Article by Article

I travelled to Oman as a guest of Oman Tourism.

As a freelancer I write for a variety of publications, with articles appearing at random intervals.

Because of this, the pieces I write about a particular trip will be published over a stretch of time in various places, so there's no connection between them for the casual reader.

I know how the jigsaw pieces fit together, though. And with a bit of luck, the resulting articles end up as a fairly complete document of a particular trip.

Here's an example, from a May 2014 media tour I joined in Oman.

1. I reached the capital, Muscat, via an Omanair flight from Bangkok, which I reviewed for Fairfax Media's Traveller section:

2. The backbone of the itinerary was a journey by 4WD vehicle from the capital Muscat through the Al Hajar mountains to Jabal Akhdar, then down again via desert terrain to a turtle-watching location on the Indian Ocean coast.

You can read about that journey here, in Issimo Magazine:

3. The highlight in the mountains was the brand-new Alila Jabal Akhdar resort, which had just opened the weekend we arrived. Here's what it was like, via my review for Traveller:

4. The Issimo article ended with me about to encounter sea turtles laying their eggs by moonlight. Here's what happened next, as recounted for Fairfax's Sun-Herald newspaper:

5. When we arrived back in Muscat after the turtle-watching, we stayed at the posh Shangri-La resort, which I reviewed in this blog:

6. One night in Muscat I attended a noisy percussion-based concert at the glamorous Royal Opera House Muscat, a pet project of Oman's ruler Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said. I wrote about it for the Sun-Herald:

7. Finally, after my colleagues had left I spent a day getting lost in the souq and narrow streets of Muttrah, the atmospheric old port of Muscat. My explorations ended up in Melbourne's Sunday Age newspaper:

And that was basically the entire trip, put into words! I love it when a plan comes together.

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