Friday 17 July 2015

Germany & the Sausage

Germany is famous for its culture. It is, after all, the country of creative geniuses such as Beethoven, Brecht and Goethe.

However, it's also a nation which has a love affair with sausages. And... it might be my imagination... but is there something suggestive about this humble everyday foodstuff?

Let's see. This poster was spotted on a tram stop in Erfurt...

... and this I saw on top of a stall in the attractive market square of Weimar:

Spotted in the Munich U-Bahn; not sure that's a sausage she's eating, but it fits the vibe:

This model in Munich's excellent Deutsches Museum is not a sausage. But perhaps the early airship was inspired by one:

Finally, here's a real sausage encountered in the wild at Munich's Viktualienmarkt, an atmospheric open-air market in the city centre. It's weisswurst, filled with pork and veal, along with flecks of parsley; and served with a bread pretzel and honey mustard:

Hungry now?

Disclosure: On this trip I travelled courtesy of the German National Tourist Board. You can read my review of a Bavarian food tour in Munich at by clicking here.

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