Friday 6 March 2015

Melbourne on a White Night 2015 (Part 2)

In the last post, I described our movements south of the Yarra River at White Night in Melbourne, held from 7pm to 7am on 21-22 February. Now we move north...

Crossing the river and entering Federation Square, we were surprised to find that it was relatively easy to move through the crowds. There were plenty of people around, but not the slightly terrifying crush that had existed in the area back in 2013.

Walking along Flinders Street, we entered Wonderland, the zone of art projections which has been part of Melbourne's White Night since the beginning.

This year, aptly, they paid tribute to the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland:

Walking up Russell Street, we dropped into the bar at the Hyatt Hotel for a drink in its blessedly cool air-conditioning. It was still very warm and humid out there in the night.

Then onto an 86 tram along Bourke Street to the Royal Exhibition Building, the farthest-flung outpost of this year's White Night.

Australia's first cultural addition to the World Heritage register was looking great at about 1am, its entire facade illuminated by 4 Elements. This animated artwork featured Earth, Wind, Water and Fire, each personified and dancing their way across the building:

Here's a video clip I shot of the east end of the facade, as Earth was succeeded by Water:

Walking along Victoria Street, we came across another animated projection playing across a huge piece of black-and-white street art:

We thought about queuing up for more Alice-themed art within the State Library of Victoria, but it was past 2am at this stage and the flesh was weak. Instead, I took a shot of the library's facade:

On the way home to our apartment, we walked down Caledonian Lane and discovered this smaller-scale production, Draw/Delay. It was a collaborative piece by musician Mick Dick and artist Kellie O'Dempsey, each responding to the other as they created their visual/audible artwork:

It was the perfect way to end the event, focused and contemplative.

So that was it for us, heading back to bed about 3am. What a great night of art and community, and so very Melbourne.

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