Friday 22 July 2011

Doctor Who and the City

I've been home from Europe for two weeks now, and the jet lag seems to have gone.

It didn't stop me getting some solid work done last week, in any case. In the course of five days I wrote five new articles from scratch, which I owed to various newspapers. That effort was followed this week by an intense focus on my Lonely Planet chapters, which are due before the end of August.

One of the newspaper pieces I was writing was of my journey through the Doctor Who Experience, a big exhibition currently on in London. Yes, I know, that was my reaction too: "You're paying me to write about this?"

I don't want to pre-empt the article, so I won't talk about the exhibition here. What I do want to do is show off some publicity shots kindly supplied to me by BBC Worldwide, which they used to drum up interest in the exhibition when it opened.

Here's the first:

If you're also a long-time fan, you may recognise it as a modern take on a famous scene from the story The Dalek Invasion of Earth, first broadcast in late 1964 (just a few months after I was born!).

Here's the next one:

And yes, it echoes a scene from the classic 1968 Cyberman story, The Invasion. Poor old London seemed to be invaded by alien menaces around the clock back then.

The final shot is this one:

The monster here is The Silence from the latest season of Doctor Who, but the scene mystifies me. I have the feeling it's also modelled on a scene from a classic Doctor Who story (one involving Autons perhaps?) but I can't figure out which. Can anyone help me out?

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