Monday 25 July 2016

Cosplay Central: Festival of Costumes at the San Diego Comic-Con

I've spent the past four days at this year's San Diego Comic-Con International. 

It's HUGE - attended by 130,000 people over its duration. And at times it feels like those 130,000 people are all in the same queue as you, lining up hours in advance to enter a room for a popular panel.

I'll be writing more about the convention later for one of my usual outlets. 

In the meantime, direct from the Comic-con press room where I'm currently hiding from the hordes, here's a random selection of some of the cosplay outfits I've seen over the past four days.

Let's turn it into one of those ever-popular online quizzes. Do you know who all the characters are in the following photos? (I must admit, I don't; though I think I know most of them) 

I've lettered each one from A to J, so have a stab at naming them in the comments field below, and we'll all end up better informed. [Warning: Some may simply be flights of fancy of the costume designer, rather than established characters.]











Can you guess who all those characters are? If so, you're doing better than me. Please add your answers labelled A to J (or just whichever ones you actually know) in the comments field below.

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